All Different Types of Squirrels

Indigenous to continents besides Antarctica, the squirrel is a common animal in most of the world, known for their quick, acrobatic capabilities. Usually small in size with slender bodies, large eyes, and long, bushy tails, squirrels are also distinctive and can often be seen scurrying up and down trees. However, tree squirrels are just one common type that can be found in the wild.

Ground Squirrels

As their name implies, ground squirrels are less agile than their tree-based brethren. These animals subsist mostly on leaves, roots, and nuts, but will also prey on insects and small animals. With a lesser defensive capability, ground squirrels often remain in groups to alert one another if one notices danger.

Tree Squirrels

Perhaps the most well-known variety, tree squirrels are common in woods, parks, and anywhere with plenty of trees. This squirrel type will also forage for nuts and plants on the ground, but also can eat tree bark, bird eggs, or even smaller baby birds. Certain species even consider tree sap to be a delicacy.

Flying Squirrels

Although they do not truly fly, these squirrels live much like birds, in nests or tree holes and gliding across the sky. Without wings, flying squirrels rely on skin connected between outstretched limbs, which creates a wing-like glider effect that allows them to soar over 150 feet at a time.

Female squirrels will usually give birth to up to eight offspring at once, and may produce several litters each year, making for a robust population in most parts of the world. To learn more about squirrels control in Raleigh, please visit this website.


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