Side Effects of a Mouse Bite

While the risk of a mouse infestation can increase dramatically in a cluttered or unkempt area, having a picture perfect home or business does not automatically mean there is no chance of mice finding their way in.

Uninvited mice arenot quite the cute and cuddly creatures you may remember befriending Cinderella. And, unfortunately, having a mouse on the premises can result in more than unsanitary droppings and gnawed baseboards; there is also a chance of being bitten.

An array of side effects can be experienced following a mouse bite. The first that comes to mind for many is the possibility of rabies. While that is not likely to be an issue, you should check with authorities at the local health department to verify that rodents in your particular region are not known to be common carriers of the disease.

Tetanus is another possible –albeit unlikely — outcome, assuming your tetanus boosters have been kept up to date. However, if you are not current in this area, you may choose to call your doctor to schedule an immediate tetanus shot.

Infection in or around the wound is the most likely side effect faced after a mouse bite. As soon as a bite occurs, clean out the bite site with a mild cleanser, rinsed with lightly running water, which can also assist in removing dirt and debris. If you have hydrogen peroxide accessible, moisten a cloth or cotton ball and gently touch it to the area. Add antibiotic ointment to the wound before covering it entirely with a large bandage or gauze wrap. Keep the affected body part elevated, if possible, and allow it to stay at rest during the early stages of healing. Keep the area dry and clean, changing the bandage often and adding fresh ointment each time.

If the wound site begins swelling or worsening in pain, an infection or other issue may be occurring. Keep an eye out for increased redness as well as tenderness or draining pus. Red streaks emanating from the wound can suggest lymphangitis. Take note of any swollen lymph nodes occurring in the vicinity or an elevated fever. If any of these symptoms occur, you should immediately contact your health care practitioner.

Being bitten by a rodent is nothing to ignore as it can quickly escalate into a larger health problem. To learn more about protection from mouse bite, please visit this website.


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